Emine Şahinaz Akalın

Emine Şahinaz Akalın
Dipl.-Des. | artist | curator | publisher
paintings | drawings | objects

1987–1994 Academy for Design Hamburg

Studies with Friedrich Einhoff (painting / drawing), Siegfried Jonas (painting) and Sigrid Sigurdsson (drawing)

1988 Summer academy „Pentiment” Hamburg, studies with Christa Biederbick-Tewes (sculpture and installation)

1996 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship

since 1996 freelance artist

1995-1996 Seminar „Direction and production in film and television“ in Studio Hamburg

2001-2005 University of Hamburg, philosophy and art history

2008 Member of artists' collective and art space, Künstlerhaus Hamburg FRISE e.V.

2008 Grant, Office of Culture Hamburg

2008 Member, Association of Visual Artists (Berufsverband bildender Künstler e.V.)

2009 Lecturer, Film and Editing at the Hamburg Media School

since 2010 working as a curtor and publisher 

Selected Exibitions / Publications / Lectures  

2022 Exhibition ARTSTADT, Hamburg

2022 Exhibition BEGEGNUNG, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg


2021 Exhibition KUNST | STUBE | BAUERN | RAUM, Altonaer Museum, Hamburg

Westwerk, Hamburg

2019  Z_OH+500, Petersdorfer Schule, Fehmarn

2019  Z_OH+500, Schloss Eutin

2018 Filamente, Künstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg

2018 Mutter.form, Kunsthaus Hamburg, BBK-Hamburg

2017 Exhibition "Petersburger Salon", FLEETSTREET Theater e.V., Hamburg

2017 Exhibition "Zukunft 2: 2417", 

Künstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg 

2017 Exhibition „Eine Linie ist ein Raum ist ein Objekt“,

Künstlerhaus FRISE, Hamburg 

2017 Exhibition „GOTHAM CITY 10“

Brooktorkai 11, Hamburg 

2016 Exhibition "Petersburger Salon", 

Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg

2016  Exhibition "global player", Altonale 18, Mercado, Hamburg



2015 Exhibition "Earth“, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg

2015 Exhibition "dreimal Port", Künstler- und Atelierhaus der Stadt Duisburg

2015 Art Fair B.AGL Art afFAIRs, Berlin 


2015 Publication "Floating Volumes #4 - Layering DiverCity.  City and Identity within Artistic Research Textem Publishers Hamburg

2014 Exhibition "Fire“, Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg

2014 Exhibition "40 x 40 x 40“, Levantehaus, Hamburg

2014 curated project: int. exhibition and conference: „Floating Volumes #4 – Layering DiverCity", FRISE, Hamburg, and HfbK-University of fine Arts, Hamburg


2014 Exhibition "ABOVE US ONLY SKY“, Bremer Kunstfrühling, Bremen

2013 Exhibition "Water" Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg

2013 Exhibition "Niveau de la mer – Meeresspiegel" 

AtelieRnaTional, Marseille


2013 Exhibition "Gotham City 6" Open Studios at the Speicherstadt, Hamburg


2012 Exhibition "Petersburger Salon", level one Gallery, Hamburg

2011 Exhibition „Ach so!?“, Makii Masaru Fine Arts Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2011 Exhibition "Kristal Şehir - Crystal City", Architectural Research Studio MARS, Istanbul, Turkey 


2011 int. Exhibition and curated project: „Floating Volumes – Hamburg / Istanbul“, #3, FRISE, Hamburg, Germany and „5533“, Istanbul, Turkey at the Gallery Kunst-Nah Galerie, Hamburg, Germany


2011 Exhibition „Hamburg, ortsgebunden“, Gallery Pluto, Berlin, Germany

2011 Publication "Floating Volumes #1/#2. City and Identity within Artistic Research - An exchange project by FRISE, Hamburg and 5533, Istanbul including 21 artists.", Textem Publishers Hamburg


2010 int. Exhibition and curated project: „Floating Volumes – Hamburg / Istanbul“ #1 and #2, FRISE, Hamburg, Germany and „5533“, Istanbul, Turkey 


2010 Exhibition „Interrobang“, FRISE, Hamburg, Germany


2010 Exhibition „Gegenliebe II - uudelleen rakastaa“, Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland


2010 Exhibition „t-e-x-t-p-l-o-s-i-o-n“ Visual artists and philosophers confront to "text". At the Stadtteilarchiv Ottensen, Kesselhaus, Hamburg

2009 Exhibition „Am Ufer der Freiheit“ at “Auf der Freiheit”-Gallery in cooperation with Cultura Vivendi e.V., Schleswig

2009 Exhibition „WHAT IS IMPORTANT“ at Kunsthaus Hamburg (Barlach Hall)

2009 Exhibition at the f & w institution, Hamburg


2008 Exhibition "the influence of gender politics in contemporary art" Chiellerie Gallery, Amsterdam


2007 Exhibition "Green(c)art" / „close strangers – strange closenesses“ Kunst-Nah Galerie, Hamburg

2007 Annual Exhibition „The Great Mountain Calls“ Works from the year 2007

2007 Annual Exhibition „The Great Mountain Calls“ Works from the year 2007

2006 Annual Exhibition „Come in, we’re open“ Works from the year 2006

2002 Exhibition: Sculpture „Signs of Life“ in Mehringhof / Berlin

1998 Publication in the volume „Interactive Media and their Users“, Nomos Publishers

1997 Lecture at the international conference „Marginale Brüche“ in Cologne, „Cultural Productions of Migrants, Black and Jewish Women in Germany“ in Cologne, speaking topic: „Conventions of Perception and Reception Control in Film“ 

1996 Lecture at the University Siegen, Special Research Division, Topic: „Women and the Internet“

1996 Lecture at the Media Forum Nordrhein-Westfalen on the topic „Internet, Humanity Netted“

1993 Author in „Ponal“ A Collection of Texts, Publisher Martin Hielscher, Edition 406

1992 Exhibition „One Girl’s Day in the Hamburg Borough Wilhelmsburg“ Messehallen Hamburg

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